Folding floor chair

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Folding floor chairs

Folding floor chairs characterizes with modern material, the folding floor chairs are made of air leather.

The fillings are silk cotton or high-density foam. With multi-position adjustable, it is popular in families, especially on balcony, backyard, beach deck, house gardens and bay windows

What are the advantages of folding floor chairs?

Compared with the fixed patterns, our folding floor chairs is more flexible, the angles’ can be adjusted from 90-180 Degrees bending, and our position adjusting parts are 100% imported from Japan which assures the frame firm and in safety. The eco-friendly slipcovers are harmless to both children and pets.

Suzhou Yona International Trading Co., Ltd. is specialized in designing and manufacturing folding floor chairs. We are awarded with top ten most popular furniture suppliers in the past few years. And our brand “Lazy Diary” is registered trademark and patent-protected. Our company locates in Suzhou which is around 100KMS away from Shanghai seaport. We can arrange container-loading efficiently to save delivery time.

Product Parameter

We have several types of folding floor chairs, the basic type is adjustable for waist part, the headrest and waist parts are both adjustable for the advanced pattern. The filling material can be latex or natural silk cotton, slipcover are made of imitation cotton and linen. The adjustable positions can be from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.

Product Feature And Application

This type of folding floor chairs is easy to fold and move, it is designed according to human body structure, which assures consumers sitting or lying comfortably. The slipcover can be removable and washable. We adopt the superior stainless steel tubes, which supports heavy loading and durable. The exquisite needlework routing matches the slipcovers perfectly.

Product Details

We have different folding floor chairs colors for your choices.

The sizes, textures and filling materials can be custom made.

Generally, we have velvet, flannel, flocking cloth, imitation cotton and linen, polyester for slip covers

The filling material can be PP, foam, latex etc.

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