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What is a tracheostomy tube?


A tracheostomy tube is used for tracheostomy (a hole in the neck and windpipe). The tube holds the tracheostomy open, bypasses upper airway obstruction, provides long-term ventilatory support, manages tracheal/bronchial secretions, and oxygenates the lungs.

Tracheostomy Tube Single endotracheal tube with non-toxic, latex-free PVC cuff. PVC tubing contains DEHP and non-DEHP tubing is available. Cuff: A longer length reduces mucosal irritation by distributing pressure over wider tracheal tissue and provides better protection against aspiration of fluids along the cuff. Hold the tube in the correct position.

This tracheostomy tube allows identification of coagulation, has a radiopaque line running the length of the tube for x-ray visualization, and is slightly rounded for atraumatic and smooth intubation as an endotracheal tube. blister, disposable, EO sterilized, CE, ISO certified. Here are the specifications: Cuffed endotracheal tube. Strong. low pressure.

Tracheostomy Tube Features:

Radiopaque (x-ray visualization); blue radiopaque line through the tube

Standard connector, high volume low pressure cuff seal against the tracheal wall

transparent and smooth.

Individually wrapped in an ETO sterilized polythene bag.

Uncuffed tracheostomy tubes are also available.

Structure of tracheostomy tube:

Made of medical grade heat-sensitive PVC, with highly transparent and smooth cuff and inflatable light, it is non-toxic and non-irritating.

15 mm connector Reliable connection to all standard equipment.

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