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What are the advantages of solar LED lawn lights?


With the continuous development of the lighting industry, LED lamps have gradually replaced traditional lamps, occupying the mainstream of the lamps market. Diandian solar LED lawn lamp is a model of combining solar energy and LED lamps. Solar LED lawn lamps are gradually occupying an important position in the lawn lamp market because of their unique advantages.

Solar LED lawn lights have energy advantages

Solar LED lawn lights are LED lamps that use solar energy as energy, and solar energy is one of the largest energy reserves in the world. The solar radiation received by the earth every year is about equivalent to the energy produced by the burning of 130 trillion tons of coal, while the total proven coal reserves in the world are about 1 trillion tons, and the annual solar radiation is 130 times that of the earth's coal reserves. With the advancement of science and technology, people's utilization rate of solar energy is constantly increasing. According to reports, the solar panel with the highest conversion rate has reached 43.5%. At the same time, the further decline in the price of solar energy materials makes it possible for solar energy to enter the daily life of ordinary residents.

While the reserves are huge, solar energy is also a kind of clean energy, and its use will not produce carbon emissions or any harmful substances, which is synonymous with energy conservation and environmental protection. Now solar energy has been widely used as lighting energy in vast rural areas, and it is gradually becoming popular in cities.

Solar LED lawn lights have advantages in lighting technology

Solar LED lawn lights use LED lights for lighting. Compared with traditional electric light sources, LED lights have the advantages of high light efficiency, energy saving, and long life. Since the successful research and development of white LEDs in 1998, it has become possible for LED lights to be used as lighting sources. In 2000, LED began to be used for indoor lighting, which is known as the second revolution in the history of lighting after the invention of incandescent lamps.

In recent years, LED lights have made great progress in technology, and have changed from accompanying to leading in the market. According to the statistics of relevant departments, in 2010, the share of LED lamps in the lighting market was only 5%, and by 2020, LED lamps had already occupied more than 45% of the lighting market. The reason why LED lights can quickly seize the market, in addition to its inherent advantages, is that under the rapid development of technology, the cost of LED lights has been continuously reduced, and its light efficiency has been continuously improved.

Therefore, using LED lights as light sources in solar lawn lights is an inevitable trend in the development of solar lawn lights.

Solar LED lawn lights have the advantages of safety, ease of use and beauty

Solar LED lawn lights use solar energy as energy and LED lights as lighting sources, making their durability, safety, and aesthetics greatly improved compared to previous lawn lights.

Safety: The installation of solar LED lawn lights does not require wires, which greatly reduces electrical risks during installation and use.

Ease of use: The solar LED lawn light is plug and play, and the installation position can be changed at any time, which is extremely convenient to use.

Aesthetics: As the light source of solar LED lawn lights, LED lamps have the ability to illuminate in multiple colors, and the color choices are more abundant, which can better play the decorative effect of lawn lights.

In addition, Diandian solar LED lawn lights also have the functions of intelligent power saving, high waterproof and dustproof, strong heat dissipation, etc., which effectively solve some disadvantages of solar energy and LED lights themselves, and constantly improve the performance of solar LED lawn lights. Competitiveness.

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