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The difference between oil-free air compressor and oil-filled air compressor


As a widely used general-purpose machine, screw Gas/Air Compressor are used in all aspects of production. According to the different lubrication methods, it can be divided into oil-free air compressors and air compressors. What is the difference between the two?

1. The oil content is different. The oil and Oil-free Electric Gas Compressor generally refer to the oil content of the gas discharged from the exhaust port of the air compressor. Generally, the oil-containing air compressor has a large oil content, and the oil-free machine is not There is no oil, but the amount of oil contained is relatively small, about 0.01ppm, so this oil content can be used to distinguish between oil-free and oil-free air compressors. There is also a completely oil-free air compressor, which is not lubricated with oil, but is lubricated with resin materials, so the discharged gas does not contain oil, which is called an oil-free air compressor.

Second, the working principle is different. From a structural point of view, there is no difference between the bearings of the oil-free air compressor and the oil-bearing air compressor. But from the perspective of working principle, there are obvious differences between the two. The oil-free air compressor does not involve oil in the process of operation. Whether it is an oil-free piston machine or an oil-free screw air compressor, they will generate a large amount of high temperature during operation. If it is an oil-free air compressor The participation of oil will take away the high temperature generated during the compression process of the air compressor, thereby cooling down the machine.

3. The oil-free air compressor does not involve oil, and a large amount of high temperature may be generated during the compression process, which may easily cause high temperature failure. How to reduce the occurrence of high temperature failure? In fact, a special high-temperature-resistant material called Teflon or molybdenum disulfide is used inside the oil-free air compressor to replace oil to solve the high temperature during the compression process of the air compressor, thereby achieving the purpose of oil-free compression.

Oil-free air compressors are cleaner than oil-injected air compressors because they are lubricated by water. Therefore, oil-free screw air compressors are often used in food, medical and other industries.

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