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The best way to care for your hair


The best way to care for your hair

1. Comb care hair: When combing the hair, it is best to use a wooden comb or a horn comb. You can also massage the scalp while combing to enhance the blood supply to the root of the hair and the nutrition of the hair. It is best to wash your hair 4-7 times a week,

Do not use too hot water to wash your hair. It is best to choose high-quality shampoo (water) for shampoo products. You can massage while washing. After washing, pat your hair with a thick towel to absorb the remaining moisture.

Hair is best left to air dry.

2. In addition to depression: the greater the mental stress, the faster the hair loss and gray hair. Regular life should be maintained, adequate rest and sleep, and a happy mood can eliminate mental tension and prevent premature graying and premature hair loss.

3. Maintain air circulation: hair is not resistant to stuffy heat, wearing a hat or helmet will make the hair airtight for a long time, and it is easy to stuff the hair, especially the pore muscles under pressure at the hairline are easy to relax and cause hair loss, so pay attention to hats, Ventilation for helmets etc.

4. Cut your hair once every 6-8 weeks. Although cutting off the hair will affect the length of the whole hair, in fact, the hair tip is actually the part where the dryness and bifurcation are more serious, so cut off 0.5-1 cm For hair, 6-8 weeks (about 40-50 days) can make hair grow better and faster.

5. Comb your hair every morning and evening, 1-2 times after getting up in the morning or before going to bed at night. Be careful not to use plastic combs, otherwise the hair will become rough. When the hair is still wet, combing can promote the blood circulation of the scalp, stimulate the hair follicles to make the hair grow faster, but be careful not to comb the hair, so as not to cause damage to the scalp. When combing hair, it is best to use a wide-toothed comb to care hair.

6. Use less hair dryer, less hair dryer, you can slowly find that hair grows faster than before. The ends of the hair are split, dry, and even the problem of rough hair has been improved.

7. Use warm essential oil to massage the scalp, pour the essential oil into the left palm, cover it with your right hand, warm the essential oil slightly, then rub your hands and knead evenly. Gently massage the scalp with fingertips, so that the hair will become thicker, softer and more shiny to care hair .


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