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Talking about the principle of mosquito killer, enjoying the quiet summer brought by technology


Summer is coming, will everyone worry about the patronage of those nasty mosquitoes? Don’t you feel speechless because of their pervasive and ubiquitous ability? The editor tells you not to be afraid, with the mosquito killer, you don’t have to worry about everything, the following Let's take a look at the charm of this technological product with the editor!

Mosquito Killer

At present, the mosquito killer generally refers to the photocatalyst mosquito killer. The photocatalyst is a kind of catalyst. We learned in junior high school that the catalyst will not be consumed before and after the chemical reaction. Its main component is nano titanium dioxide (TiO2). Under the light, the photocatalyst will react with water and oxygen in the air, and form strong oxidizing hydroxyl radicals on the surface of the photocatalyst, which can decompose harmful gases and bacteria in the air. Of course, this is the main reason for choosing it. The important thing is that it can release CO2 and water after the reaction, so as to simulate the effect of CO2 and water vapor produced by humans. In addition, it has the effects of sterilization, air purification and deodorization. Therefore, the photocatalyst mosquito killer has many advantages. Low economic cost, no pollution, low noise, small size, low power consumption, and different appearances can be designed to meet different groups of people and different layout requirements.

The principle of Mosquito Killer Lamp - why do mosquitoes like us so much?

First of all, let's talk about why mosquitoes like our blood so much. Scientific studies have shown that only female mosquitoes feed on human or animal blood. If male mosquitoes and female mosquitoes can suck the sap of plants and the nectar of flowers just to keep the individual alive, then why do they dare to provoke us without fear of life and death? Zoologists have long known that female mosquitoes can only suck Animal or human blood can promote the development of ovaries, and then reproduce offspring. In this way, we also understand that mosquitoes are also forced to do so.

The principle of mosquito killer - how does the mosquito killer attract mosquitoes?

Whether it is day or night, female mosquitoes can accurately locate us, not through their eyes, but through the carbon dioxide, heat, water vapor and airflow caused by our body's discharge. Speaking of this, I believe everyone has already thought of the principle of the mosquito killer. Yes, the mosquito killer uses electricity as energy, assists a series of technologies and special substances to simulate the carbon dioxide, heat, water vapor and airflow emitted by the human body, so as to attract female mosquitoes, and when the female mosquitoes approach, It will be pulled into the cyclone created by the mosquito killer and enter the unique death trap of the mosquito killer.

Specifications for the use of mosquito killers

1. For small rooms and small rooms, when using it for the first time, turn on the mosquito killer when it is getting dark, turn off the lights, doors and windows, come out, let it work continuously for one to two days, and then you can use it every day Leave on one to two hours before bedtime.

2. For a room with a larger area, it needs to be turned on every day, and the frequency of use can be reduced until it is obvious that there are almost no mosquitoes after a few days.

3. According to the fact that mosquitoes like moist and acidic environments, you can add an appropriate amount of acidic liquid near the mosquito killer to increase the attraction to female mosquitoes and improve the capture efficiency.

4. Families with children should pay attention to safety when using mosquito killers. Turn off the power in time after use.

5. Clean in time and keep hygienic.

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