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Solar Inverters Help Solve Electricity Challenges in South Africa


Three artifacts against South Africa's power cuts: batteries, solar panels, and generators.

In fact, the so-called three major artifacts are a "fashionable" statement. In addition to the three artifacts, you have an essential thing is the solar inverter.

What is an Solar Inverter? The inverter is to convert the power generated by the solar power generation panel or the battery reserve power and the power generated by the generator into power that matches the alternating current in the national grid. In layman's terms, if there is no inverter, you have to turn off the lights for a period of time every time there is a power outage, and then you can start various power supply devices, including batteries, power generation panels and generators. You have to go black for a few minutes. But it is different with the inverter, which allows people to prepare in advance and keep their reserve power supply at the same frequency as the national grid. In this case, you can achieve seamless switching during power outages. Therefore, the inverter is an indispensable auxiliary part for you to use various backup power.

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