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Jiangmen COSCO Lighting Company spring outing


In order to improve the physical fitness of the company's employees and create a good corporate atmosphere, Jiangmen COSCO Lighting Co., Ltd. March 11, 2023 outdoor mountaineering activities.

The pre-event arrangement was well organized with all departments and details in place. For example, a vehicle for travel, snacks and dry food for travel are prepared in advance. Colleagues showed mutual support and encouragement during the event. Finally, each climbed to the top of the mountain and felt the water green and green mountains in the spring breeze.

This event is very informative and strengthens company cohesion. We are sure that the next activity will be even more exciting!

All preparations are there to create atmosphere and create atmosphere!

Jowin Lighting Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong-funded enterprise, established in 2007, located in Waihai Town, Jiangmen City; our company is a professional manufacturer of modern lighting products with independent import and export rights. , with an annual turnover of more than 5 million US dollars. Jowin Lighting is a professional China pendant lamp, table lamp, wall lamp manufacturers and suppliers.

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