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How to restore luster to old leather bags


A shiny Ladies Monogram Hobo will look stylish and new, while a worn bag will look very dull and lose texture. Therefore, usually our bags are easy to get old and lose their luster after carrying them for a long time! Next, I will introduce to you the method of restoring the brightness of leather bags when they become old. Friends in need, hurry up to find out!

1. Wipe with hand cream

Prepare a slightly damp rag and a bottle of hand cream. Take out the old leather bag, squeeze an appropriate amount of hand cream and apply a layer on the leather bag, and spread evenly. Then take out a slightly damp rag and gently wipe the bag, wait until the bag is wiped clean, then take out a dry rag, and wipe the bag gently again. After wiping it clean, you will find that your leather bag has regained its luster and become much newer!

2. Fengyoujing can remove stains

If your leather bag becomes old, dull and stained, it is recommended to use wind oil to remove it. Drop the essential oil directly on the stained area of the leather bag, and wipe it gently with a paper towel to remove it easily. General stains can be removed, but don't wipe too hard! Otherwise, the surface of the bag will be damaged. After wiping, you will find that the dirty part of the bag has become clean! If your leather bag is not shiny as a whole, you can evenly dip the bag with a proper amount of essential oil, and then gently wipe the whole bag to restore the light~

3. Toothpaste cleaning

We all know that toothpaste has a good cleaning effect, not only for cleaning teeth, but also for cleaning oxidized and yellowed silver jewelry! Therefore, our leather bags can also be cleaned with toothpaste. Squeeze out an appropriate amount of toothpaste and apply it on the old leather bag, then wipe it gently, and finally clean it with a small amount of water. You will find that your leather bag has not only removed the stains, but also brightened a lot!

How to restore the metal zipper on the leather bag: In addition to the leather bag will become old, the metal decorations or zipper on the leather bag will also become old or discolored. It is recommended that you prepare a metal polish, which can restore the luster to the metal zipper of your leather bag!

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