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How to choose an LED panel light?


When we choose LED panel light, we should pay attention not only to the design but also to the practicability. Finally, here are 3 tips for your reference.

1. The LED quality determines the lighting effect of the LED panel, and the packaging technology affects important factors such as lamp quality and heat dissipation. There are many types of lamp bead chips. And there are countless origins like USA, Taiwan, China, Japan etc. The price difference between these brands is quite big. And the lighting effect is completely different. We can all get account information by asking the manufacturer. Which of course also depends on the seriousness of the manufacturer. In general, the price of LED panels is very low, and most of them are made of defective chips. When we use them, we will find that these lights have inconsistent color temperature, low brightness and low lifespan. So we have to face a problem that needs attention.

2. First of all, it depends on whether the power board uses a heatsink or not. The speed of heat emission depends on the brightness and the lifespan of the ceiling light. As we all know, if it is exposed to high temperature for a long time, its service life will be shortened soon. and the brightness of the ceiling lights is not enough so there is no lighting effect. For LED heatsink panel solutions, the main methods are traditional heatsink methods. How to dissipate heat with a single lamp bead and heat dissipation method from the external fan. In addition, the heat sink size and aluminum quality affect the heat dissipation speed, and at the same time indirectly affect the price change.

3. Look at the lamp driver. The quality of the driver determines the lifespan of the LED panel. In general, there is no problem using the lamp for more than 50,000 hours. But if the driver is broken, the LED will not be used. Electronic components used inside the drive. The design pattern relates to drives. The electronic components and design patterns used in drives are correlated to performance. Power factor, stability and lifespan of the drive which is very important If you are not sure about this knowledge Based on the size and weight of the controller, you can make a preliminary decision. and contact the manufacturer regarding the electrolytic capacitor used. Another amazing point is that the price of LED panels is closely related to the driver. And a good driver will make the price of the LED panel more expensive.

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