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Double Inclined Container


A double inclined container typically refers to a container or vessel with two inclined surfaces. These inclined surfaces are slanted or tilted with respect to the horizontal plane. This type of container is often used in various industrial and engineering applications.

One common example of a double inclined container is a double incline hopper used in material handling processes. This hopper is designed with two inclined surfaces that allow bulk materials, such as grains, powders, or granular substances, to flow or discharge smoothly.

The inclined surfaces in the double incline hopper create an angle that promotes the flow of material under the influence of gravity. When the hopper is filled with material, the material's weight and the angle of the incline create a force that drives the flow downward, allowing the material to empty from the container in a controlled manner.

Double inclined containers are chosen in some cases over single inclined containers to enhance material flow characteristics or to allow for more precise control of the material discharge rate. The design of these containers is carefully engineered to prevent clogging and ensure consistent material flow.

It's important to note that the term "double inclined container" is not a standard or universally recognized term, and its usage might vary depending on the context and industry. In some cases, it could refer to different types of containers with two inclined surfaces for specific purposes. If you have a specific application or context in mind, please provide more details so that I can give you a more tailored explanation.


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